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We seek to give our guests an unmatched experience of the Honduran culture combined with exquisite quality and comfort. Everything, from our decoration to our food is thought to submerge you in this wonderful culture.


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If you have done zip-line  ours will take your breath away !  Those who have yet to experience this exhilarating thrill should make plans to launch their first ride while in our wonderful rain-forests or beaches.  We have so many fantastic zip-line locations that you might want to try them all !  During your stay at our Hotel in Honduras we will help you make a decision on the zip-line tours and locations most convenient for you.

You will have so many choices, from zipping over beaches, lakes, rivers and of course over the tops of our forests canopy, where the wild monkeys and macaws delight in watching you fly past their branches.  This is one unique opportunity for you to be the entertainer and be prepared for the wildlife audience to voice their opinions of your "performance" !

We have tour operators offering short distance, low height zips all the way to lengthy multi-stop lines that begin on high mountain tops and eventually end in the valleys after a fascinating aerial view of waterfalls and countless unique sights.  There are zip-lines available for all apetites !

This is just one of so many different and unique activities that are available when you are visiting our beautiful country.  Our unique Hotel in Tegucigalpa receives visitors from all over, with all types of interests and goals to achieve, our goal is to help you fulfill your expectations  above and beyond what you had anticipated.  Hotel Portal del Angel is very successful in providing the vacation of a lifetime to thousands of guests, we welcome you to join these ranks !