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We seek to give our guests an unmatched experience of the Honduran culture combined with exquisite quality and comfort. Everything, from our decoration to our food is thought to submerge you in this wonderful culture.


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We admit it, we are a nation of Soccer fans !  We are proud of our teams, and very loyal to attending the games in our National Stadium.  We can think of nowhere else where we would want you to go to truly feel like "one of us" !  Our passion for this centuries old sport clearly shown on the field as well as in the stands !  Victory or defeat on the field, the excitment in the stands will entertain you as much as the goalie's actions.  You will be very close to the Stadium and the post game celebrations when you stay at our Hotel in Tegucigalpa.

We will remind you, that we have physical evidence of the probable birthplace on the world's most popular sport.  The famous archeological site of Copan, has a stadium where as legend has it, the Mayan players competed with their chest and heads in placing a "goal" into a stone circle above the stadium's wall. Some legends also claim that the loosing team would be decapitated !  You will never have to worry about that in our modern stadium, just enjoy the highly competetive game, the fans and the celebrations.

These colorful events are usually sold out, so if you want to attend a game, make sure to check with our Portal del Angel Hotel staff and will help you secure tickets.  You might even get lucky enough to presence another country's world class team compete against our Honduras team !  Remember the league is already preparing several eliminatory rounds for qualifying to the next world cup.  We regularly have soccer teams from different countries arriving here to play matches.

Our Honduras Hotel will place you in the middle of the excitement, the stadium is only 1.5 kilometers (5 minutes) from our front door.