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We seek to give our guests an unmatched experience of the Honduran culture combined with exquisite quality and comfort. Everything, from our decoration to our food is thought to submerge you in this wonderful culture.


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Not to be confused with Halloween even though it coincidentally falls on the same day, there are 3 days of festivities called "Day of the Dead".  This tradition has been celebrated since colonial times, and some historians have traced it back to the time of the Aztecs.  

 When you stay at our Hotel in Tegucigalpa you will be centrally located  within the sorrounding local events.  It is actually three days dedicataed to the respecting and remembering the dead.  

One the first day, the faithful flock to their cemeteries to clean the graves of children, they decorate these with flowers, ballons and toy dolls.  On the second day they return to clean the burial sites of adults, these are decorated with flowers for the women, and music for the deceased men.  You will see hundreds of flower vendors all over the city, a very colorful and beautiful experience.

Legend has it that the Aztecs would celebrate this time of year by offering sacrifices, and today you will see some vendors dedicated to selling skulls made of sugar.  A lot of candles are used when praying for the deceased, and special recipes for meals and drinks appear at eateries all around the country.

Our Honduras Hotel is heavily booked for these days of festivities, it is an excellent time to see our unique cultural heritage.  We recommend you plan your stay with us well in advance in order to be in a unique centralized location where you can easily walk the streets to witness these colorful events.

Hotel Portal del Angel welcomes visitors all year round, we have cultural sights and sounds for you to experience everyday !  The wide variety of experiences we offer are hard to describe with just words, you will agree once you arrive, we are very proud and honored to share our beautiful country with you.