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We seek to give our guests an unmatched experience of the Honduran culture combined with exquisite quality and comfort. Everything, from our decoration to our food is thought to submerge you in this wonderful culture.


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Maybe this is what brings so many java Connoisseurs to Honduras !  You will be at the source of one of the best coffees in the world ! There are several original coffee plantations here that welcome visitors.  Once you have tried a real fresh roasted cup of our "nectar" you will never be the same, and surely return for more.  These plantations date back hundreds of years, you will feel as though you have traveled back in time.  

 They not only harvest coffee, but are actually more like natural botanical gardens, with such fertile land delivering a wide variety of fruits and vegetables with such a deep flavor that it is hard to describe with words; you have to experience this yourself to fully understand.  Our Hotel in Honduras is just your starting point when it comes to exploring our country. 

We have so much to show you, so much to tell you about our culture and history.  We are as proud of everything we have here, and you will be surprised at the experiences you have at your fingertips. When you arrive at our Hotel Portal del Angel in Tegucigalpa, we will help you arrange your "coffee tour", we are a relatively small country so distances are never to far, even to the most remote destinations.  If you wish, call us ahead of time for more information about nearby coffee plantations.

And remember, we always have a pot brewing here, awaiting your arrival at our Hotel in Tegucigalpa !