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We seek to give our guests an unmatched experience of the Honduran culture combined with exquisite quality and comfort. Everything, from our decoration to our food is thought to submerge you in this wonderful culture.


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Travel back in time to a charming colonial town which will please your senses.  Santa Lucia is very easy to get to from our Hotel in Tegucigalpa, which is just a short 14 kilometers away, via a mountain road where you will enjoy the views and vegetation.  

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Our city nightlife has something for every taste.  Dancing, Dinning and Drinks are all available near our Hotel in Honduras.  From small cozy and intimate clubs with live Latin music, where the night ends with dancing on the tables, to larger more modern dance clubs with the latest pop music, you will find what pleases you.

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This is our annual version of "Mardi Gras", and it continues to grow every year, with more floats in every parade and an ever increasing number of visitors.  Hundreds of thousands arrive in the town of La Ceiba during the third week of May.  The come from all over Honduras as well as neighboring countries to celebrate and enjoy the festivities.  Make sure to book your stay at our Hotel in Honduras well ahead of time.

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 We have so much history for visitors to enjoy !  This includes the largest colonial Spanish fort in Central America.  Fort San Fernando was built in the 1740's by salves under control of the Spanish, designed to protect the northern coast from pirates.  In 1779 it was captured by the British, who only held it for 1 month due to disease and Spanish counter-attacks.

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Not to be confused with Halloween even though it coincidentally falls on the same day, there are 3 days of festivities called "Day of the Dead".  This tradition has been celebrated since colonial times, and some historians have traced it back to the time of the Aztecs.  

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Your help in exploring the 24 natural Caves in Taulabé, may well create history !  They have been mapped and explored to over 900 meters , however much more rooms have yet to discovered .  Some estimates are that it extends for 12 kilometers.

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A growing number of international visitors to our Hotel in Tegucigalpa, are here to shop for real estate opporunities.  Thanks to the worlwide recession, prices are very attractive for both investors and those seeking retirement homes or vacation properties.  

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Many tourists and scientists are attracted to the 4 "young" and possibly active Volcanos we have in Honduras.  

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If you have done zip-line  ours will take your breath away !  Those who have yet to experience this exhilarating thrill should make plans to launch their first ride while in our wonderful rain-forests or beaches.  We have so many fantastic zip-line locations that you might want to try them all !  During your stay at our Hotel in Honduras we will help you make a decision on the zip-line tours and locations most convenient for you.

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With some many sights to see, and activities to enjoy, Honduras also offers the adventure of white water rafting.

Eco tourism activity is very popular in our country, with plenty of mountains and waterways full of wildlife.  


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Our northern Caribbean Coast attracts kite surfers to the remote coves in search of the adventurous experience on relatively untouched breaks.  With steady winds, gliding over our manageable waves can provide a perfect practice ground for improving your jumps and skills.  Whether from a board or a kayak, you will be having fun all day long.  Guests at our Hotel in Tegucigalpa frequently ask about our beaches, and we are glad to assist them in visiting the coast.

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Hotel Portal del Angel is the perfect, central location for visitors to experience our country's largest festivity of the year. Easter week celebrations have been a tradition dating back to colonial times. Processions initiate at several nearby churches, and thousands of participants contribute with traditional costumes, music and food, and our Honduras Hotel becomes part of the ambience of these passionate festivities.

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Want a really unique mountain bike adventure ?  We have it, and more than one !  After discovering our trails, you may never want to go back home again.  Right here near our Hotel in Tegucigalpa we have tours dedicated just to this sport.  There are so many popular trails with spectacular mountaintop views, or you can get really adventurous and "cut" your own custom path !

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In the last week of August, the nearby town of Danli celebrates the centuries old tradition "Fiesta Nacional del Maiz". A short 90 minute ride from our Portal del Angel Hotel, it is a visit that we highly recommend.


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Our largest tropical forest is La Mosquitia, it expands well over our eastern border.  A truly intact forest it has been nicknamed the Amazon of Central America.  Our Hotel in Honduras is the prefect starting point for your travels all around our country.  We can help you find your way to all our sights during your explorations.

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Many of our visitors arrive with an intense interest in visiting the Mayan Ruins. Our Tegucigalpa Hotel staff can help you with your plans to visit the famous Mayan City of "Copan", along with the newer sites of "Rio Amarillo" and "El Rastrojon" where you can become one of the first to explore these areas.

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For all Scuba Divers, welcome to paradise !  Yes, this is the place for fantastic warm water exploration.  You will be amazed at the sights on our Carribbean Reefs, sunken ships and amazing variety of wildlife that approach to greet you !  You might even get lucky and discover a previously unknown sunken ship site, afterall this area was a very busy water way for Pirate ships that plundered on both Spanish, British and other mercenary fleets transporting gold and other goods.  Our Hotel in Honduras is an excellent starting point to begin your adventure !

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Our visitors will easily find a large choice of souvenirs right in our own neighborhood.  Being centrally located in the historical area, near the museum's, pedestrian walkways and monuments, vendors are always presenting their crafts, and usually willing to "negotiate" with tourist.

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We admit it, we are a nation of Soccer fans !  We are proud of our teams, and very loyal to attending the games in our National Stadium.  We can think of nowhere else where we would want you to go to truly feel like "one of us" !  Our passion for this centuries old sport clearly shown on the field as well as in the stands !  Victory or defeat on the field, the excitment in the stands will entertain you as much as the goalie's actions.  You will be very close to the Stadium and the post game celebrations when you stay at our Hotel in Tegucigalpa.

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All around our Honduras Hotel, in the center of Tegucigalpa, you have a wide choice of sites to visit.  

Many of these are within walking distance or a very short ride away.  

One of the truest versions of sightseeing in a city's oldest historical section, can be easily accomplished by simply walking outside our door.  

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Much more than just a fabulous Zoo, it is located in an Ecological Park, just north of Santa Cruz de Yojoa.  This is a very pleasant way to spend the day as the spider monkeys welcome you at the entrance gate where they frolic in the trees.  The Zoo has 58 species of animals all well kept in large areas, the staff will help you get up close and pet the friendly residents.  A wide variety of animals from all over the world reside here, such as giraffes, hippos, alpacas, jaguars, panthers, tigers, ostriches, lions and camels.  Our local exotic Honduras species socialize very well and enjoy greeting visitors.  Our Hotel in Honduras is the perfect starting point during your trips around our beautiful countryside.

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The National Museum of History & Anthropology Villa Roy is just 6 minutes from our PORTAL DEL ANGEL hotel in Tegucigalpa.

This is a must see for all, full of very interesting exhibits, in the opulent italian style mansion (a historical site itself from 1936) of ex-president Julio Lozano (ousted in 1956).

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We proudly recommend everything we can to our guests during their stay at our Hotel in Tegucigalpa.  We want them to see everything we have to offer all over our unique country.   We want all our visitors to see another lovely park, a national treasure, the CUSUCO NATIONAL PARK.  Protected by laws limiting buildings and developments, regularly visited by scientific teams from all over the world, it has been preserved very well in it's status of a fascinating rain forest.

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Only 10 minutes from our Hotel in Tegucigalpa, is the Chiminike Children's Museum.  When visiting our city with kids of any age, this is a site the entire family will truly enjoy.




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Maybe this is what brings so many java Connoisseurs to Honduras !  You will be at the source of one of the best coffees in the world ! There are several original coffee plantations here that welcome visitors.  Once you have tried a real fresh roasted cup of our "nectar" you will never be the same, and surely return for more.  These plantations date back hundreds of years, you will feel as though you have traveled back in time.  

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Located at the north end of Tegucigalpa, 1200 meters above sea level, you will find the most awesome views of our city.  A popular site for picnics, the ride up the mountain is well worth the visit and is a fantastic photo opportunity.

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Our History is so fascinating that you cannot stop your imagination from taking you back in time when visiting our sites.  One of these special places is Utila Island.  First discovered by Columbus, the Spaniards controlled the area after enslaving the natives.  Invasions by English pirates became very common, as they searched for Spanish treasures.  

The island of Utila became one of their main bases, and rumors abound of buried treasure chests left behind when they were ousted over 100 years later.  When you stay at our Hotel in Honduras, you may want to visit this Island of Adventures and search for the hidden treasures.

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Just 14 miles (22km) from our PORTAL DEL ANGEL Hotel is La Tigra National Park, a truly natural phenomenon protected since the 1920's,  the cloud forest is home to over 200 species of birds, with 6 hiking paths (some are steep trails) leading to the unique experience of observing orchids, sloths, monkeys in their natural habitat.

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Within walking distance of our Hotel in Tegucigalpa, we have several very old historic sites which include our Churches.


 Spanish conquistadores always built strong forts and architecturaly attractive churches, both large and small.  The Catholic Faith was a very strong part of the colonizing of the Americas, from Saint Augustine, Florida the oldest city in North America, all the way down the continent, to the tip of South America, the Spaniards left their cultural and artistic edifications.  Honduras is right in the middle of the conquistadores map, and many of their original constructions still stand, awaiting your visit centuries later.

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When choosing a Hotel in Tegucigalpa, you should take into account our central location.  When you walk out our front lobby, you will be within close walking distance to a wide variety of sights such as:



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The most widely recognized name of all Mayan archeological sites, Copán is aproximately a 5 hour drive from Tegucigalpa and well worth the trip.  Visitors from all over the world are amazed at the ornate details and captivating architecture of this marvelous past civilization. This was a powerfull city ruling this vast region for over 2000 years.  The famous ballcourt, and elaborate artisitc sculptures take your imagination back in time to visualize what life may have been like.

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A very special religious event is the anual pilgrimage of thousands of visitors to see Our Lady of Suyapa.  Beginning on the evening of the second day of February, our city is filled with loyal pilgrims honoring our Patroness.

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A popular activity of the coast of our Utila island, is the opportunity to interact with one the largest mamals on the planet today.  Whale sharks are known to be harmless to man, and the experience of being face to face with one is a very humbling sensation.  Once sightings are reported, trips are organized by local outfits such as the Whale Shark & Oceanic Research Center.  Visitors marvel at this experience which will be remembered for a lifetime.  

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Among all Hotels in Honduras, our PORTAL DEL ANGEL stands out for it's uniqueness and authenticity.  

Quaint, recently remodeled with a focus on classic Honduran culture, every detail has been carefully considered in order to provide you with a truly unique experience of our marvelous beautiful culture.  It has practically become a local attraction for tourist and residents.

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 On our northern coast, on the Caribbean Sea you will find pristine beaches among our islands.  Roatán island is near the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean, it's beauty attracts cruise ships and is the top scuba diving destination and fishing tour sites.   International flights are convenient for tourist visiting the islands.  The coastal beach town also offers a variety of bars and restaurants, and several area resorts are open to the visiting public.

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