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We seek to give our guests an unmatched experience of the Honduran culture combined with exquisite quality and comfort. Everything, from our decoration to our food is thought to submerge you in this wonderful culture.


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Events & Meetings

Host your business meetings and social events in any of our three meetings rooms or two terraces, accomodating up to 150 guests. Our sales team will arrange every detaill for your Breakfast, Luncheons, Meetings, Conferences, Cocktails, Dinners or Social Events such as Baptisms, Weddings, Birthdays, Baby and Bridal Showers.

(W: 7 mts / L: 9 mts / H: 3 mts) Connecting to a roofed terrace with air conditioning, projection screen, pool and bar view.

(W:4.5 mts / L: 8.3 mts / H: 3 mts) With a pool and bar view, air conditioning, dinning, and large projection screen.

(W:4.8 mts / L: 7.2 mts / H: 3 mts) Connecting to an opened terrace with air conditioning, dinning, projection screen and prívate bathroom.

We cater to your preferred destination, for special events of all sizes and themes.


Feel free to contact us at any time: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel. (504) 2239-6538

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